Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday Wackiness - Business Lunches

One of the things that causes me some anxiety is testing for the first time with business colleagues.  I'm not embarrassed or nervous to test at all, its more the anxiety that in some way testing and bolusing will become a distraction.  After a business colleague knows "my deal," testing becomes routine as my office mates and peers will see me test and bolus multiple times per day.  But that dynamic changes when its a one off sales meeting, interview or other business meeting.

I think my anxiety stems in part from two issues:
  • In a business meeting when time is a scarce resource I don't want to take 5 minutes away from the task at hand to explain what I'm doing
  • And this is probably the bigger one - perception
The 5 minutes (if that) taken away from the meeting is easily over come; as long as the conversation doesn't rat tail into the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes (perhaps adding to my anxiety).  If that happens then 5 minutes could quickly turn into 10 if not 15 and greatly detract from anything I'm trying to accomplish in that hour.

But the bigger issue, perception.  In business meetings I want to be focused, viewed as attention oriented, determined and strong.  Although its a necessity for me to test and bolus prior to eating I never want to seem "distracted" during a business meeting.  Due to that I feel the need to explain what I'm doing (circling back to issue 1) which in itself is a distraction from the meeting.

So there in lies the challenge - excuse myself to the bathroom, test and bolus before the meeting (taking the chance I'll eat within 20 minutes) or roll the dice and deal with the anxiety...

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