Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Metrics - Back in the groove

Daily Basal Total - 13.92 u
Weight - 195 lbs (total guess, I need to buy a scale)

Over the past month I've successfully reduced my basal rate by about 2.5 units per day.  September was a bit of a crazy month for me where I spent maybe a total of 5 days in San Francisco.  3 time zones, 3 weddings and a trip to Vegas took its toll.  Once the travel was over I had a 3 day string where my blood sugar barely came below 300; you can imagine how great I felt over those 3 days.  But that string of awful blood sugars was exactly what I needed to get back on track.

Upon the final return to San Francisco (post Vegas) I knew my weight was creeping ever closer to 205, that my basal rate was disgustingly high and that my aerobic fitness was a far cry from what my status quo is.  I frankly had, had enough and although my A1c was an ok 6.7 I wanted to be better.  With my general health as motivation I got back on the bike, upped going to Crossfit to twice a week and started running again.

My diet returned to focusing on vegetables and organic foods, I decreased my alcohol intake and upped the amount of water I was drinking. My blood sugars slowly returned to the 90 - 130 band that I like to see pre-meal and my absorption rate for boluses went way up.  Having a significant other makes it a bit more difficult to go hard core diabetic diet than it was when I was a simple Ironman Bachelor.  That difficulty also expands my food choices, who knew I was the only person alive willing to eat ground bison and quinoa everyday!

The goal is to get my daily basal rate back in the 12 - 13 units per day range.  Historically that is when I've felt my healthiest, I'd also like to get my weight consistently below 185.  Each Monday we'll see how I do with that!

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