Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday Metrics - Some Ups & Downs

Daily Basal - 14.13 units
Daily Avg Total - 33.32
Daily Avg Bolus - 19.88
Weight - I think still 190 (I still didn't get a scale)

Was a very up and down week for my blood sugars.  I started the week on a nice streak of consistent blood sugars never going much above 150 or much below 90, but by Tuesday evening things started to change.  I was faced with a blood sugar that just refused to go below 300 that evening!  Made all the more frustrating by my dinner choice of chicken sausage and wild rice.  Normally my blood sugar would barely move after a meal like that.

Wednesday was much the same with my blood sugars hovering around 225.  Even a 25 mile bike ride done at an average speed of 22 mph couldn't get those pesky blood sugars down.  After a salad for lunch which saw my blood sugars spike above 400 I had, had enough and opted for a new infusion set.  After the switch my blood sugars became much more managable but I encountered some viscous lows.

The highs forced me to play with my basal rate a bit; the reason why my basal rate is about .5 units higher per day this Monday than last.  However, some further tweaking is necessary to really get it right as I'm trending low in the evenings and need to figure out where the extra IOB is coming from.  Further, I think my butt might be done as an infusion site location for a while.  I've noticed for a bit that my left cheek has been a bit less receptive to insulin than my right.  Now it seems my right is not a fan of novolog either so I'm going to have to use the side of my stomach for a bit.  Not a huge fan of using my stomach for a site but its better than high blood sugars!