Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday Metrics - More Stabalization


Basal - 13.9
Bolus - 23.4
TDD - 37.3
Daily High - 41.74
Ratio Bolus:Basal - 1.68

Last week my blood sugars continued to stabilize as I get used to working out a bit more and am in my third month of operating the new pump.  I'm going to start tracking a ratio of avg bolus rate to avg basal rate.  I have a hypothesis that I may be using my boluses to compensate for a basal rate that isn't exactly perfect.  That may be why when I eat with less consistent patterns my blood sugar tends to either go high or low.

Also, the weekly high of 42 total units of insulin taken was in part due (at least I believe) to an infusion site that started to come out a bit.  While I really like the interface of the Animas pump the infusion sites I'm using are god awful.  I can't get the needle to bend the same way I could with the medtronic infusion set-up I was using and the insertion device was designing by a 3 year old on construction paper.  Who ever designed this insertion device seriously did no user experience testing.  I'm going to try and figure out a better option in the near future.

That's about it for Monday metrics, talk to you soon!

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Anonymous said...

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Exercising religiously is another motto of my life right now!!!