Thursday, April 2, 2015

Getting back in gear

It's been a while; hello again (although I've said that a few too many times in the past dozen posts or so).  So I have to admit, I was burnt out.  When I first was diagnosed in 2007 I went after this disease hard.  Heck the only way I could prove to myself that I could live with this disease was through completing an Ironman and that level of focus took a toll.  It took a bunch of years, way too many workouts and an amazing wife for me to realize I'm living "with," not living "against," this disease.  That change in thought process let me step back and get my head back in the game.

I've decided to get back into triathlon, for the pure enjoyment I get from the sport.  I tried just cycling for a few years but am too old and too busy at work to train to the level I need to to be competitive.  The great thing about Triathlon is you are competing against yourself; you get out what you put in, there's no such thing as a bad race, just a slow one.  And it's become important for me to share my story again.

My last a1c was a flat 6!  But it was a struggle to get there; broken pumps, infusion sets ripping out, changes in diet and lifestyle.  I'm back on shots because frankly I don't trust pumps to deliver insulin, that might change, it might not.  Regardless my life again is about learning from all the experiences I have in controlling blood sugars and I want to document them somewhere.  I hope this is the start of my writing again, after a few years I feel like I once again have something worth sharing.  As I get back to consistent training I want to share my struggles, in the past all those who have read my stories inspired me to run that extra step or swim that extra stroke, I hope we can get there again.