Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Might Be Getting the Hang of This

7 workouts up, 7 workouts done - went 7 for 7 last week, no exercise induced lows, no workouts that I had to shorten, hit all my training goals and had a great week exercise wise. This included a week where I had my final in a finance course, took the GMAT, and pretty much had my heart broken. I'm amazed that with all that went on last week I'm sitting here and typing about it.

Last week my training log was the following:

Monday - 1.5 hour primary muscle group lift
Tuesday - 3 mile speed test
Wednesday - 1.5 hour secondary muscle group lift
Thursday - 1/2 hour continuous swim (tried a new basal rate that day that worked great)
Friday - 15 minute recovery run
Saturday - 3.5 mile slow run
Sunday - 3 hour bike ride (conversation pace)

Added to that was the GMAT on Wednesday which I scored a 690 (90th percentile); I'm praying that this score puts me over the top for the MBA programs I'm applying to. If any admissions officers out there suggest I absolutely need to break a 700 I'll hit the books again though. Thursday was my financial management final (hopefully got an A) and Wednesday night I was up till 2am for the personal reasons mentioned above.

On Saturday I needed to make my way to the Upper East Side to retrieve my bike, ride it about 5 miles to football practice in Battery Park. I currently am the head coach for the 11 year old team for the Downtown Giants. After practice I noticed my front tire was totally flat, the C02 cartridge didn't fill up the tube so I had to walk my bike about a mile to the gym in insane NY humidity.

The only lows I encountered all week were after going out for beers with a friend on Thursday night. I think I may have over bolused for the cup cake I had; that coupled with alcohol was a dangerous combination, a full Gatorade and snickers bar later I was only up to 106! I needed to have 5 or 6 glasses of orange juice when I got home to make it to the 120s before I went to sleep.

All in all I pretty much felt like a normal person blood sugar wise last week, I'm getting adjusted to the pump and am starting to be able to work out hard consistently again. The folks at the Berrie Center and me will continue to adjust basal rates and % decreases prior to exercise until we have it down perfectly but last week gave me the confidence that I can still go after my workouts like I used to.


Anonymous said...

Way to go ED. This is a wickedly exciting journey!

:0-) mary!

Anne said...

great work, Ed. You may try to keep some records of what works and what doesn't... That has helped me in the past. Keep it up. Exercise is great for the mind, too. Take care.

Scott K. Johnson said...


Cara said...

You'll get it! It gets easier with time. It's all trial and error anyway. I was reading in a magazine that studies have shown that 99% of care that diabetics recieve is from the diabetic themselves. I personally think it is more like 99.9999%, but whatever. You take what you know works and tweak what you know doesn't work. Have faith in yourself and how you know what your body is feeling.