Friday, August 17, 2007

Back To The Drawing Board

The euphoria I had experienced from Tuesday's run quickly turned into frustration, anger and a general state of pissed offness after my Thursday run. Thursday started off pretty poorly to begin with, I was stressed about a pre-mba finance test, am trying to figure out some personal stuff, and when I finally showed up for my finance test the Professor decided not to be in attendance and gave the test as a take-home! Thanks for announcing that earlier, I really would have liked the hours of sleep I lost because of studying back...

Anyway, at 3:30pm I gave myself a correction since my blood sugar was in the 180s, 2 and 1/2 hours after I had my turkey sandwich for lunch. Prior to the test I had a cliff builder bar and gave myself a bolus of 1.6 for it. When I found out the test was a take home exam I set my pump to 10%, went back to my office, took the test and then ate a cliff bar (no bolus). Pre-cliff bar my bs was 91; I didn't test before my run. 12 minutes into my run I had an orange Hammer Gel (a bit harder to digest than apple cinnamon) and tested at minute 20 - my blood sugar was 82. I slowed the treadmill down and had another hammer gel at minute 23; I soon realized my body wasn't feeling right. I tried to test again but my glucometer must have gotten some sweat in it so I couldn't test. I went to the locker room, tested again after resetting my meter and had a blood sugar of 62 - good thing I got off the treadmill.

I'm not sure if the low was induced by the correction and bolus 2 plus hours before I began my run. I sure hope that's the case. Next week I think I'm going to bring Gatorade with me when I run and just have a gulp every few minutes - it seems to work on my bike rides so hopefully that success translates to my runs.


Anne said...

I would suspect your low was from your correction bolus. I have a pretty tough time running without dropping too low if my BG is <150 and I have any sort of insulin floating around. Sometimes, the hammergels are not the quickest way to raise it either, although I use them a lot. (But they are not my first choice to raise a low or falling BG.)

In general, though, I try to take any significant bolus >3 hours before running.

It is really frustrating to have to quit a workout due to a low; you will get the hang of it, though.

Good luck with your exam, if you are still working on it!


Christine-Megan said...

If I'm a little high before exercise I don't worry about it. I'll correct after the work out if I still need it.

Denise said...

I have a lot of trouble with lows during exercise. If I'm going to have a vigorous work out I have to eat a small snack before I begin unless I'm running a little high. If I am high I don't correct it until after I finish activity, if I'm still high.

Bernard said...


This stuff is frustrating. The important thing is, don't give up trying. You'll figure it out in the end.

And I agree with Christine-megan and Denise, run a little high before starting. If I correct with glucose during exercise I often pay the price with super highs after finishing the exercise.

Dying Water Buffalo said...

Gatoraid sounds like a good idea. And that's interesting how you've noticed that orange hammer gels are harder to digest than apple cinnamon. what gives? and, where does banana rank on that scale?