Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Breaking 100

Trying to figure out how to keep my blood sugars out of the 60s with the increase in my training has been a real challenge. For the past 3 weeks it seemed that everytime I went to the gym I'd either have to cut a run or swim short or suffer through alot less energy than I normally have. I decided to get over my fear of testing at the gym and now bring my glucometer with me for all my exercises. Yesterday, for the first time since I started training hard I was able to keep my blood sugar above 100 for the entire run! Thank you Hammer Gel!!!!!

Leigh from the Naomi Berrie Center suggested I drop my pump to 10% at least an hour before my workouts rather than the 40% I tried last week. Right before my run my bs was 107, I had a cliff bar and headed out for the gym. 12 minutes into my 1/2 hour run I gobbled up a Apple Cinnamon Hammer Gel - at minute 17 when I normally feel like the Aflac Duck has swapped feet with me I still felt like I had a normal stride. I continued on my run and was able to blast out nearly a half mile in my last 3 minutes (sorry Coach, I know it was supposed to be a slow run but I couldn't help it!). When I got off the treadmill I checked my blood sugar and was ecstatic when I saw 115 on my meter! This marked the first time since I was diagnosed with diabetes that I had a blood sugar above 100 after a run. I just hope there's a way to do this without having a hammer gel every 15 minutes.


Shannon said...

Congratulations on great numbers during your workout!

Although I'm not diabetic, I DO understand the shyness about bringing a kit to a public place a testing in the open (for my son).

Bernard said...

Good job wingman

In the end you'll figure it out. Somewhere between reducing basal rates enough in advance and pre-loading (maybe 25 minutes before starting) with some quick acting carbs.

Take good notes, they'll help. Maybe register at because you can send the BG values from your phone to there.