Monday, May 21, 2012

No one said this would be easy...

Tired legs, a sore back and pesky lows; how I forgot about all those things in my training hiatus.  I had remained in reasonably good shape; my lab results indicate I ate healthy enough and while my weight went up a bit it's not as if I jumped 5 points on the BMI scale.  But man at times I feel like a washed up old journey man fighter in my path back to fitness and blood sugar glory (if an A1c under 6.5 counts as blood sugar glory).

Last week I had an outstanding week of training.  I got in 3 runs, 3 lifts, 2 bike rides to work and a solid training ride on Sunday.  The sublet I currently have is too small for the lady friend, el toro and me so the bull has to sit this one out up in Mahopac.  That means my rides during the week are limited to Mr. Foldie and me scrambling across the Brooklyn Bridge.  Nonetheless all the rides into work, morning runs and training sessions add up to have a profound impact on my basal rate.

For the past 48 hours I've been fighting off low after low.  30 miles into my ride yesterday I had to call it a day as my blood sugar kept dropping below 70.  That pattern continued throughout the night as I hit 50 three times from 6pm to 10:30 pm even though I treated with a cranberry juice and had a delicious sushi and rice dinner. 

Right now my basal rate is about 16 units per day, I suspect that it will drop by at least .75 units over the next 24 hours and continue to fall to about 13 units a day over the next 45 days.  Once my basal rate stabilizes I know my recovery time will decrease and my ability to push through endurance fatigue will increase.  Until then though this is going to be a long, slow, up hill climb.

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