Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Road ID Elite!

It is about time for me to retire my trusty old Road ID. After wearing the ID for just about every workout over an 18 month period I think I should donate it to science for research; the bacteria that has developed from my sweat may unlock some of the mysteries to the universe!

Knowing that my old blue training partner was on its last legs had me thinking about ordering a flashy purple road id. However, during the Tour de France, the Versus commentators are sporting the new Road ID Elite!

The rubberized wrist band is durable enough to be washed, doesn't have Velcro which will get ruined from sweat and is sporty enough to wear to the bar after a hard work out. Really, it solves all the issues the old road id had while maintaining the safety and security that the old product delivered. I'm really excited about getting one - maybe a black one for training and orange for race day!


Gary said...

Cool! I noticed the commentators wearing something that looked like a Road ID, but wasn't sure what it was. I'll have to put one of these on my wish list!

Anonymous said...

wearing it to the bar is a good idea - if you pass out they'll know where to send you!!! 29.99 seems a little spendy though

Anonymous said...

very expensive, already wear a watch and livestrong, why another wristband? not my thing as it looks like a colorful version of those old id bracelet from the 1950s. it's not practical. versus was product placement. Levi didn't even wear his wristband in the Time Trial? Why.
i'll pass.

Ironbolus said...

The reason for this is not to support a cause but to have your medical information on hand in case of an emergency where you can't speak. I don't wear a road ID to support any form of reasearch, I wear a road ID in the case I pass out on a run, ride or swim and can't tell the EMT I'm an insulin dependent diabetic.