Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Musselman Media Guide

A month or two ago I received an e-mail from the PR director of the Musselman Triathlon expressing some interest in profiling me in the 2009 Media Guide. I didn't think much of it at first and replied to him with all the requested information, a link to my blog and a little bit more detail of why I got into triathlon and what I'm trying to accomplish with Ring The Bolus. Then on Monday evening I received another e-mail from CD Henderson with the 2009 Musselman media guide - and holy freaking cow I have a full page feature in it!!!!! I'm pretty psyched about this and a little intimidated all at the same time; so far this is the coolest non race-day thing of my triathlon career!

Here's the feature:

"Using Sweat As A Weapon

When former Hobart College football player Edward Liebowitz returns to Geneva to compete an athletic event for the first time since 2001, he will do so in an attempt to inspire others like him. Liebowitz was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes two weeks before his twenty-seventh birthday in 2007.

"Rather than use my diagnosis as an excuse to avoid physical activity, I decided to use my disease as a platform to inspire others with chronic illness – and prove that a disease does not have to limit what a person is physically capable of."

Liebowitz began training for triathlon in earnest, at the same time creating a blog,

"Shortly after my diagnosis I noticed that there was a dearth of information on the web about how to live an active lifestyle with juvenile diabetes. Most of the information on the web and in literature seemed to be geared towards young children."

"Last year my blog focused on the training I did for the 2008Ironman Lake Placid; I knew that the hours of sweat and training would be well worth it if I could inspire one person, especially a child with the disease, to go out for a run, or even just a hike."

Liebowitz, who eventually hopes to turn his blog and efforts into a foundation for people with juvenile diabetes, says that his experiences with the illness have lead to many positive interactions with others suffering from the same.

"Last year I got to meet some incredible people, and was thrilled with the number of athletes and parents of children who contacted me to ask my advice about training, or just to offer support," he says. Liebowitz credits such support for much of his success."

"Getting across the finish line at Placid could not have been accomplished without an amazing support network, including my sports nutritionist, Lauren Antanucci, and my coach, (2004 Musselman winner) Marry Eggers. Also, the constant support of a handful of type 1 diabetics who had completed an Ironman helped a lot."

In fact, Liebowitz has teamed up with others with the illness for 2009. "This year I am racing as a member of Triabetes, an incredible organization which is seeking to increase the knowledge base for diabetics competing in athletics. The captains of the team will be racing at IMAZ this year," says Liebowitz. He will be unable to join them, however, as the race conflicts with his continuing education at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia.

Liebowitz hopes to continue to use his efforts, and his blog, to inspire others. "The goal in 2009 is to apply the tremendous learning experiences I had in 2008 to achieve consistent and fun races – while continuing to spread awareness about athletes who battle chronic illness."

He is particularly excited about returning to Geneva as part of his efforts. "Geneva holds a special place in my heart for the amazing years I spent here, and I can’t wait to run through (the Hobart & William Smith Colleges) campus during the race."

Pretty cool!!!! And nothing like a little added pressure for Sunday's half Iron!


Fun and Fearless in Boston said...

Wow, that is a GREAT piece! Congratulations and good luck!

Kim said...

my boyfriend is famous!!

you didn't include the hot picture though!

you will kick butt on sunday - remember - NO HAMMERING ON A HALF!

kath said...

Good article -- and I just realized I'm at a teacher workshop at University of Virginia in Charlottesville and you're going to school here!

Train-This said...

This makes Mary feel like a proud Mama. And very touched to have been mentioned. Sniff Sniff!

Scott K. Johnson said...

Very cool man!