Thursday, July 9, 2009

Error 5 - Error 5 - Error 5

That was the message I kept seeing on my Ulta Mini on Tuesday. Although unlike the time this happened in Costa Rica, I didn't panic as I knew a CVS was just a short walk away. Amazingly, my glucose meters seem to last longer than my Ipods do; but I honestly feel like I can never have enough of them lying around. During the summer move I stupidly left my extra meters in my Charlottesville apartment so this meter's failure cost me $20. Unfortunately, CVS only had the silver one in stock, I really wanted to get one of the blue or purple ones so I just might splurge on a second come next week!

What was much more frustrating is the mystery of the lost lancet that occurred on Sunday. I've taken to keeping my testing supplies in the center console cup holder of the new Zoom Machine (my Mazda 3). On Sunday before my ride I reached down to grab my meter, test strips and lancet only to have my lancet disappear while I tried to grab it. Apparently there is a small hole in the center console, as necessary as a third eyeball, that leads to the depths of the underworld. As my bear paws and sausage fingers were trying to bring the lancet out of the center console I pushed the lancet device into the hole and it disappeared forever - there's no way to get to the underneath part of the console without removing it!

A frantic google maps search on my blackberry showed a Rite Aid just .7 miles away, so I donned the bike gear and rode over. Once there I bought an Accu-Check meter so I could get my favorite lancet (softclix) for less than what it costs on the internet! Kim was shocked as I ripped through the package, removed the lancet then left everything else behind. She asked "ummm, don't you need the rest of that stuff?" To which I replied - "nope my test strips don't work in that device and I don't have a prescription for those, but that company makes my favorite lancet and this is the cheapest way to get it." She's getting quite the diabetes education this summer


Train-This said...

I shall see you on the race course! I'd better get a pre race hug!!!!!!! From you AND Kim.

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

Ha ha ha!! The dreaded Error 5! I can's kinda funny in retrospect, though it IS annoying I'm sure. You'll find that lancet someday in the lost sock pile ;)

Sarah S. said...

I've done much the same thing myself - lost my lancing device under my seat in my car, thought it had fallen out of the car, and wound up buying a Multiclix on SALE when I went to get a new one. Why is it that the Ultras, Ultraminis, UltraSmarts all come with badly designed lancing devices that make your fingers look like they have moon craters in them?
Oh, and I have an extra purple Ultramini sitting unopened here - got it for FREE. I'll forward it on if you're interested!


Kim said...

sarah, don't egg him on!!! :)

it certainly has been the diabetes learning experience this summer! glad i can lend a helping hand whenever i can (like ordering disgusting middle eastern food).

Emily said...

I love Accu Chek and how easy it is to use. It's always a little concerning when "Error" pops up, but glad you got it figured out! Good luck in your race!