Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When it works.... Its Awesome

Day 3 of the Navigator Experience has been going great. Unlike the troubles I had during the Charlottesville Marathon and unlike the SNAFU on Monday, I've been getting accurate readings and great comfort from my over sized bundle of blood glucose readings. Having the Navigator in my pocket during a meeting or on the bus ride home gives me peace of mind that I'm not going to bust into a spontaneous sweat because of a low. So for that I give the Navigator huge props for actually working over a 48 hour period! PROGRESS!

Amazingly enough the sensor stayed in place during my charging rhino impersonation on the track last night. I'm currently performing new threshold tests for my new triathlon coach (more on that tomorrow and hopefully a big announcement on Monday) and had to do my 6 minute run test last night. I ran .93 miles in 6 minutes with an average heart rate of 173 and a max heart rate of 179, I have no idea what any of that means, except I thought my lungs were going to explode when I had finished. I continued to cough up whatever badness accumulated in my lunges since IMLP until about midnight last night. So I'm pretty sure I reached my threshold. What was really cool and relevant, was the Navigator was able to immediately sync back up with the sensor when I was done with my run (no idea how the blood sugar was during the run) and continued to be accurate for the rest of the night.

Additionally, the CGM has identified a basal rate that is too high at 2am, too low at 3:30am and just right from 7 am to noon. That's the real beauty of a CGM, to see what the trends in a basal rate are, especially those little trends that can creep up on you and turn a 110 into a 250. Anyone can adjust either a basal or bolus rate for blood sugars that go really high or really low, but the blood sugars on the margin of good and bad are the ones that wreak havoc on an A1c. Hopefully the Navigator Experience continues after my swim test tonight!

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Colleen said...

Hey Ed - I've been following your blog and Kim's blog. I just wanted to give you kudos for sticking with the Navigator. I know that it messed up for the marathon. Tom's had this happen too and it's frustrating.

Question since you said you were happy the sensor stayed in place. Do you use additional tape around the sensor to keep it in place? The tape stuff that is attached to the sensor won't last through much more than maybe a shower :).

Best of luck with it...