Friday, June 5, 2009

A New Car & A New Idea

Last night after a frustrating process of registering a car in NY after buying it in MA, I finally picked up my new Mazda 3 Hatchback! I've downgraded from my Nissan Pathfinder which was starting to have some big time problems to a smaller, more nimble, more gas friendly, sportier car. My big goal with this car is to keep it clean! The Pathfinder at times served as my locker for triathlon gear and haven for months of test strips. As I sit here on day 2 of my Zoom Zoom experience I'm trying to figure out how to keep my test strips from commandeering my car.

Some ideas:

Old Grocery Bags: while this would be the least expensive option, old grocery bags don't do the best job of holding things in them, tend to get rips on the bottom which would allow test strips to escape and can be a bit of an eye sore.

Thule Litter Bin:
Great design and large enough to fit the occasional diet coke or sandwich wrapper and the cap will keep my test strips from being liberated. The big draw back is that it sits facing the rear of the car, it's dangerous enough to test while driving, now I have to reach into the back seat to throw them out.

Tallus Trashstand:
This one has some promise, but it will take up the passenger side floor and will thus need to be moved anytime someone else is in the car with me. Plus I'm not sure that the can would stay vertical as I'm zoom zooming, and that would basically defeat the purpose of the trash can.

Trash Cup:

This required some innovative thought; take a product designed to be an ash tray in a cup holder and use it as a garbage can. It would only hold test strips but it would not require me to reach in the back seat to throw them out and would be smartly placed directly next to my testing supplies.
Anyone have other ideas?


Kim said...

i think a garbage can in the backseat is pretty inconvenient, especially when you're testing frequently. i think the trash cup may be the best bet, but i will look out for other ideas.

jpnairn said...

The trash cup is cool. I would get the less expensive model at the Burger King drive-thru. Since you're not using it as an ash tray, you can use any cup. You never need to wash it out. Just toss it and get another one.

Alison said... has a product called BioFlips...

Ed, "Finally you can dispose of your used test strips on the go...and still be stylish." Lol

Actually, a little Zip Lock bag might do the trick in comparison to the grocery bag. The cup idea is cool too.