Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Off To A Better Start

Last night I inserted my second Navigator sensor in as many days to continue my attempt at getting my CGM to work right. This time after insertion I was met by a nice gushing of blood which dripped all over Kim's bedroom floor - she has to be thrilled I'm living with her for the summer! Between the random test strips she finds all over the apartment, to my bleeding on the floor and piles of triathlon equipment (although she has that too) I don't know how she puts up with it!

Anyway, unlike yesterday after the 10 hour warm up period I tested my blood sugar and was greeted with a bs of 101 - perfect! Since that point the CGM has been pretty much spot on; I just did a check to compare the results of the CGM with my Ultramini; the CGM has me at 173 and the ultramini at 191 - not bad after some falafel for lunch about an hour ago.

The real test will come tonight when I test my heart rate thresholds in a 6 minute all out track workout. If the sensor stays attached through my charging rhino act the Navigator may have promise after all; if not its back to the drawing board where I need to figure out how to get the sensors to stay in my skin.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

I'm using some OpSite Flexifix tape (or something like that - can't remember the name exactly) that I apply around the edges after putting the sensor mount on. I also put down some skin tac, which is a sticky barrier type liquid before putting anything on. If you want, I'd be happy to send you a bit of both to try.

I also find that if I can keep my BG's stable for those first two calibrations, the accuracy is pretty good. Although when I'm running high, all bets are off.