Thursday, January 29, 2009

Freestyle Navigator - First Impressions

Wow! Before writ ting about the technical details of my first calibration I wanted to immediately write about my first 24 hours with my navigator. Like I said, Wow! As annoying as the sensor is to wear, as frustrating as some of the device settings can be - this device is incredible.

As you saw from my packing for Costa Rica I'm pretty neurotic when it comes to diabetes management and want to have as complete information as possible. While sitting in class I often worry that the warmth of the room is due to a raising or falling blood sugar rather than well the actual temperature. Yesterday at any moment during class I could look down at my navigator and see that the room actually does have big temperature swings that my bs had nothing to do with.

I was able to identify a few trends in my blood sugar and identify the general time that I had some basal rate discrepancies leading to some blood sugar highs around 2pm (for the past week). And on the treadmill the thing was incredible!! I wanted to run in a controlled environment yesterday and was able to see how my effort affected my blood sugars - totally cool. But more importantly the navigator gave me the peace of mind to run as hard as I wanted.

I know that the navigator has a time lag, that the information isn't perfect and that it will never truly replace finger pricks. But only doing 5 finger pricks yesterday versus 15, seeing general trends in my blood sugars and having the extra confidence to just go about my normal day make the positives of this device far outweigh the negative characteristics.


Al said...

Wow that sounds really cool.

Kim said...

yay for not leaving a bazillion bloody test strips around :) im glad to hear you are better understanding the new mechanism and are trying to work the kinks out.

LG said...

Thanks so much for your comments! I get bits & pieces of you too from that fabulous FeKM girl and you are quite the inspiration for me. you guys are always more than welcome to race, train and just plain visit!!