Friday, January 2, 2009

Costa Rica Here We Come!

Kim and I are headed to Costa Rica tomorrow for a week of surfing, fishing, hiking, white water rafting, zip lining and cannoyneering. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am but also have experience for the first time how stressful it can be to plan an international trip with diabetes. If we were going to a less remote locale I'd be able to hit up a CVS or call medtronic if I had any problems with my pump or diabetic supplies. However, since we'll be in pretty remote areas doing some crazy stuff I have to pack my bag like Odysseus headed to Ithaca.

I'm pretty sure the chances of finding a cliff bar in Costa Rica or a glucose tablet are nonexistent so I need to be prepared for lows, highs and everything in between. I have extra test strips packed, two meters, batteries for my pump and meter, two vials of insulin, a full box of infusion sets, and the waterproof case for my pump. This is also requiring me to scour Boston for a new back pack so I can bring this stuff with me on our outdoor adventures - don't think my awesome Timbuk2 laptop messenger bag will cut it while white water rafting!

Look forward to sharing pictures of the adventure with you when I get back - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Kim said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! at least if you don't catch me a big fat marlin, we can feast on your salty and sweet nut bars :)

Alison said...

Hey heard about the earthquake there yesterday, hope you two are okay!