Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My First MBA A1c

For the first time since my diagnosis I was legitimately freaking out about my A1c. From August to October I had so many changes in my life that I just didn't know how my average blood sugar was going to react. After the Ironman I had blood sugars sky rocket into the 200 and 300 range. When I first arrived at Darden the schedule, free food and stress had my blood sugars close in on 350 from time to time. But thankfully my A1c was just 6.6 from August to October.

6.6 is higher than it has been over the past year - but I'll take it. With all the variables introduced over those 3 months I'm not going to complain about an A1c that slightly creeped up. In looking at my meter this morning my last 341 results over the past 30 days has slid back down to 125; hopefully that next A1c is under 6.4. Regardless I'm proud of my management over my first quarter at Darden.


Scott K. Johnson said...

Hey Ed,

I know that it is all relative. But that is a FANTASTIC A1C, especially with all the new things going on with you (settling into a routine, etc).

You should be proud of yourself for doing such a great job! Way to go!

Araby62 (a.k.a. Kathy) said...

That's a great A1C :) It's tough keeping it all together through grad school of any kind. Congratulations, you're doing great!

(P.S. My word verification is 'turbo'. Appropriate, eh?!)

Anonymous said...

I saw your blog during a random search. I too am type one diabetic and working on my MBA! Your A1C was great!