Tuesday, December 2, 2008

You Know You're An MBA Dork When....

You are sitting there in your second quarter operations class learning how to use six-sigma models and realize you have been using that methodology nearly everyday since you've been diagnosed with diabetes!

We were learning that under six sigma models you set an upper error limit and a lower error limit. The data points on the graph are filled in by point in time quality spot checks - quality outside this range is deemed in error. There are then a host of equations that spit out some graphs that indicate if your system is out of control and if a change needs to be made to prevent errors.

This is the exact way I manage my blood sugars. When I upload my blood sugar readings to my computer I have an upper limit of 140 and a lower limit of 75. Anything outside that band is considered in error. Overtime I determine if there is a trend for the blood sugars in error and make a change accordingly.

Just like a firm doesn't want to chase their tail to fix errors, we don't want to constantly chase blood sugars. Making a basal rate change too soon will cause the blood sugars to be in error more often. It's essential for us to keep our blood sugars "in control" - who knew I was just using six sigma to do it!

Can you tell I'm a week away from finals!?


Bernard said...

Best of luck in the finals.

Also, when you've worked out a six sigma approach to diabetes management I'll buy that book!

Oh, and my captcha word is 'refrown', so do this if the exam is challenging!

Kim said...

zzzzzzzzzzzzz oh, i'm sorry, i just fell asleep. you are one huge nerd.