Thursday, November 6, 2008

Abbot Is Incredible

The good news is, I'm still getting my constant glucose monitor; the bad news is, I have no idea when. At first Abbot had given my supplier the wrong insurance information which delayed the process a week. Today I received a call from my supplier letting me know that all orders to Abbot for the Freestyle Navigator are on back order!!! For a company that is trying to introduce a new and I'm assuming highly profitable technology they may have the worst sales and marketing force in history. If there is one thing that my marketing course at Darden has taught me it is - to know your customer! At each step of the way Abbot has failed on general customer service, I would receive calls from multiple people asking the same information, they would not meet self mandated deadlines to keep me in the loop, they had asked my doctor for the wrong information and they seemingly never wrote down anything I told them. It would be nice if the companies that make the products that allow us to better manage our disease actually knew how to manage their workforce.

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Cara said...

I hate it for you! Customer service is so important. Even more so when dealing with medical services. I hope they get everything figured out soon.
I've never used the Navigator, but I love my MiniMed CGMS.
I will say this, I am not an athletic person, so I don't have much experience. But when I work out, my CGMS can't keep up at all. My blood sugars drop way too fast for it to keep up. So even though I may be 40, my CGMS might still say 130.