Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lake Placid Nutrition & Pacing Strategy

Coach Egg and I are finalizing the details of my race day strategy but what you see below is pretty much what I'll be following on the 20th:

Pre Race

4:30 AM
2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter


5:30 AM
Turn pump down to 40% basal rate

6:00 AM
Cliff Bar

6:15 AM
Pre-race nutrition mix

6:55 AM
Pre-Swim Mix


7:25 - 7:35 AM
Power Gel (chocolate) should be on the home turn when taken

Test blood sugar, if below 180 take nutrition mix

1.5 Miles Into Swim
Power Gel (chocolate)


Post Wet Suit

If Blood Sugar is below 160 take nutrition mix


Every 15 Minutes
Sip on nutrition

Water Stops
Change water bottle at each stop - should go through 3 Aero bottles per hour

After descent into Keane
Test & have 1/2 Clif Bar

After climb into Wilmington
Test & have 1/2 Clif Bar

After Wilderness Inn II
Ramp up nutrition intake, keep bike in small front ring

Special Needs Pick Up

Repeat Above for 2nd lap

Pacing & Cadence

Climb into Keane
Cadence should remain at or above 90, speed should be around 15 mph

Route 9N
Keep pace under 24 mph with a cadence of 100 - don't hammer!

Climb into Wilmington
Small gear and spin, don't get frustrated, speeds will top out at 11 mph

Out & Back
Keep pace under 24 mph with a cadence of 100 at the fast part - remember the hills and don't burn the legs

86 First Part
Mostly downhill, large front ring, cadence of 90 and speeds of 20ish

Last 11 Miles
If you're not in the small ring, you're wrong! After Whiteface and before the Cherries you can get speed - don't be tempted to shift to big ring; smooth pedal strokes, Papa Bear is waiting and you want your legs fresh, cadence better be above 90 to get the lactic acid out, remember to drink and take in nutrition mix

Special Needs Pick Up
Don't worry about your time and relax - still a long day to go; patience and don't be obsessed with the negative split, just follow the same strategy


After Bike Is Racked

If Blood Sugar is below 160 take nutrition mix


Each Aid Station
3 cups of water, if cups are less than 1/2 way filled have 4 cups

Between Each Aid Station
Sip on nutrition mix, if carbohydrate intake at aid station, skip nutrition mix

Every 5 miles (about every 45 minutes)

First 13
Head out at a 9:30 pace, increase to 9 minutes if feeling strong after 3 miles

Second 13
At mid-way point, increase to an 8:40 pace, hold for 7 miles, if legs are available increase pace by 10 to second increments each mile, with 3 miles left empty the tank



Kim Ammon said...

I can NOT wait to see you on Sunday! Good LUck, I am thinking about you!


Colleen said...

Wow... that's unbelieveably detailed. How are you going to remember all of this? :) Also, how are you going to test on the swim? I'm just curious how you carry a kit! Best of luck Sunday... we'll be following your progress!

PJ said...

Question: How are you going to test your blood sugar during the swim? I understand the gel (stuff in arm of wetsuit or swim cap) but can't figure out how you're going to test. Just curious.


carol said...

Just wanted to say good luck! Sounds like you are ready, mentally and physically. Also, curious on your plan...what you have written only seems to cover keeping your BG up. What's your plan if it's too high (race day excitement)?

Kim said...

you've done all the hard work, and now it's time to enjoy the ride. you have practiced nutrition and pacing throughout the season... you're strong both mentally and physically. youre ready ed. i cant wait to witness you accomplish your goal.

Anne said...

Good luck Ed. Like others have said, you've done the work; now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labors! :) You have a solid plan there. I also had a pretty detailed plan and it was helpful to write up the basics and stick it in a little ziploc in my bike bento box and running fanny pack.

Enjoy the weekend, the race and the finish. Savor your moment crossing the finish line. Can't wait to cheer you on--even if from a computer--on Sunday.

It was also helpful for me to talk with the swim director, who will probably speak to you at the athlete meeting Friday evening, directly about having a meter available between swim laps. My boyfriend got a special wristband that allowed him into the swim area and he met me after the 1st lap. It took some effort for him to get through the crowds, and the first year he didn't make it; this year he did. He had a couple gels and a gel flask with water in it if I needed to wash down a gel. Also he had a small washcloth for me to dry my hands on.

Try to keep a smile on your face and encourage those around you and you will have a magical day. Race strong and have fun.