Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Final Push!

Tonight I head up to Lake Placid for my final push towards becoming an Ironman. Some argue that the taper period should be 3 weeks, others argue for a 2 week taper period; however for diabetics the taper period is the most difficult time of training. Coach Egg and I are trying to avoid the pitfalls of Mooseman, where the taper period destroyed my basal rate profiles. So our plan is to work my a** off this weekend and then recover my legs through hour or two hour workouts up until the Ironman. It's a risky strategy but I'd rather have my legs somewhat sore than my blood sugars flying out of control.

The plan for this weekend:

1) Full Ironman Lake Placid Swim Course (2.4 Miles, 2 Loops Mirror Lake)
2) Full Ironman Lake Placid Bike Course (112 miles)
3) 3 - 4 Mile Run Around Mirror Lake (30 Minute Run)


1) 1/2 Ironman Lake Placid Swim Course (1.2 Miles, 1 Loop Mirror Lake)
2) 3 Hour Run On Ironman Lake Placid Run Course (Hopefully At Least 20 Miles)
Taking Cliff's advice I've mapped out my entire nutrition plan for the 2 days of hard core training. This plan should help me just focus on what needs to get done without worrying about anything else:

And yes, I am that big of a dork that I mapped out my entire nutrition plan in Excel. My future Darden classmates would be proud!

Then the highlight of the weekend will come as I get to spend Saturday night in Boston with my new favorite Triathlete, commiserating about our fears of IMLP. The final push to Placid is going to be a blast! And if you're out training in Placid this weekend I'll be the guy wearing at least 1 article of orange clothing, make sure to say hi!


Kim said...

kick ass in placid this weekend!! i cant wait to hear all about it! hey, are you going to invite me to your boston triathlon meet-up! i want to come!!

Anne said...

Have an awesome weekend Ed. I'd love to see the details of your nutrition plan.

I found that I was able to deal with the taper better this year by just being aggressive increasing my basal rates. I ended up increasing them all by 0.2 u/hr. But it sounds like you have a plan you are comfortable with.

How did Cliff's race go at IMCDA?

Denise said...

But of luck to you. We all know you can do it!!! ;>)