Friday, February 22, 2008

My First Terrier Practice

I joined Terrier Tri, a Manhattan based Triathlon club back in December but for various reasons I hadn't yet made it to a practice. My original excuse was that I didn't know anyone in the club and wanted to wait for the annual "kick off" meeting. I attended that event with a wicked cold and then due to work travel and vacation couldn't make a practice until last evening.

I showed up at the 63rd street Equinox with swim gear in hand at about 7:40 pm. The last time I attended an organized swim practice I was 12 years old at Camp Kiwi (where I never lost a free style race!) so I was a bit nervous. To make sure my blood sugars were in tact I had lamb gyro over rice and a piece of baklava unbolused for dinner - at 7:40 my blood sugar was 301!!!!! Yikes, at least I didn't have to worry about going low.

At the pool I spoke with the two coaches Robert and Megan to find out which lane I should start in. Originally Robert placed me in the medium paced lane but after a couple warm up laps he put me as the last person in the fast lane. I was pretty excited about this move but didn't know the enjoyable hell I was in for :)!

Megan had promised me that I would really enjoy a group swim workout and that while my mentality is great, going solo for every workout doesn't prove as efficient as working out with a team. I had a blast swimming last night and while I don't remember all the names of the people who were in my lane I'm sure I'll see them again soon. Derek, one of the people in my lane was insanely fast and it was a huge change from the people I see at my gym pool. At the NYHRC I go to I'm usually one of, if not the fastest person in the pool and lap people on a regular basis - last night Derek was smoking me, damn dude swam like a fish - so it was kind of fun to get my a** kicked by someone :).

When I got out of the pool my blood sugar was 115, about an hour later I spiked a bit to 185 but I'll take that for my first organized practice in quite some time.

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