Monday, February 25, 2008

100% For Placid!!!!

Last week for the first time since I started training for Ironman USA in Lake Placid I completed 100% of my training goals! Prior to last week blood sugar issues, an injury or life circumstances got in the way of completed all my assigned workouts. The new bike prevented my quad from flaring up, life finally cooperated and I was able to work through some nasty stomach cramps while sweating through 10 hours and 55 minutes of workouts!

I'm still a bit behind on my Annual Training Plan (ATP) goals but know that by July 20th I'll exceed them. It has been really difficult to stay positive in the face of alot of life's challenges recently. I had thought I could maintain my blood sugars by using Accel Gel during long workouts but found that destroyed my stomach and have since had to switch to Ensure. A week ago my long run was cut short because my right knee which I have had all cartilage removed from flared up. So completing everything last week was a HUGE relief!

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