Wednesday, October 24, 2007


One of those lingering fears about diabetes is going low, passing out and the EMT not knowing that I just need some sugar to wake back up. Amy has blogged extensively about all sorts of different ways of telling an EMT or anyone close by that you are low but I'm worried about the times I can't talk not the times I can talk. I have a snazzy leather bracelet that I got from Fiddleedee IDs but that wasn't really cutting it for workouts.

At each race I've signed up for there has been a discount coupon for I finally got around to checking them out and couldn't be more pleased with the product. The cloth bracelet closes with some pretty strong Velcro and I can barely feel it on my wrist. My wrist has complete flexibility while wearing it, and there is no itching or scratching at all. Although the medical alert symbol isn't on it the font is large enough and clear enough for Mr. Magoo to see if it he's the one to pick you up in the meat wagon. I highly recommend (I took the picture at an angle so all my fans out there couldn't read my home phone #):


Shannon said...

There are a few Type 1 diabetics I know from who have that bracelet for when they're out biking or running.

About the other bracelet, did you get the pretty one with the starfish dangling off it?

AmyT said...

Thanks for the info. That's cool. And thanks for the shoutout, too, although I noticed the link to isn't working. You got some Blogger html before it.

Take care!
- AmyT

Dying Water Buffalo said...

I had fun wearing it myself over the past two days :)

Dying Water Buffalo said...

no updates for a while :P have you dropped out of training?