Monday, June 25, 2007

Wedding Cake & Whiskey

Saturday presented one of the biggest challenges to blood sugar control I have faced. On June 23rd, my best friend got married - I had to brave the heat of an outdoor wedding in a tux (pictures coming soon), get buzzed enough to deliver a speech and have enough energy to dance the night away. 5 months ago none of those things would have given me a worry; however my life now is all about being prepared.

I arrived at the venue at about 3 pm with a full supply of cliff bars, power gels, glucose tabs, insulin and glucagon - I needed to be prepared for whatever I might face. Sitting in a cramped attic in a beautiful old mansion the groomsmen dressed, in the room we were treated to a few beers, some champagne and small sandwiches. I cut back on the bolus for the chicken salad wrap I had and checked my blood sugar right before we went downstairs for the big moment - holding steady at 120 and ready to go.

On a side note the bride's dressing room was WAY BETTER than the groom's room. However, when I delivered the bride her gift from the groom the intensity in her room was over the top - I felt like those girls were more amped up than I was for any of my college football games. I half expected to see them giving each other head butts and putting on eye black.

Thankfully there were no blood sugar lows when I delivered the rings and amazingly I didn't drop them or fumble them! After the ceremony I ate a bit of my cliff bar as I waited for the assistant manager to bring my man purse outside (my man purse is my diabetes survival bag). I wasn't sure if I was showing signs of going low or if it was just the heat. The rest of the night went amazingly well - I delivered my speech without a problem, continued to have bites of my cliff bar throughout the night and was able to drink and dance like everyone else. Throughout the evening I did the finger pricks and was never about 170 or below 110, which I'm more than happy with. I even remembered to check my blood sugar when I woke up with a pounding headache at 5 am! On Sunday I went for an hour and 1/2 bike ride to try and beat the hangover.

Congratulations again Steve and Merry!


Cara said...

Well, you survived a big test! And the truth is, it's a big test no matter how long you've had diabetes. You did well. Congrats.
And thanks for the message on my blog. You can look me up on JDRF's page by my name Cara Richardson and Tennessee for the state. Thanks for the help and once again, good work with the wedding cake & whiskey. :D

SkiRough said...

I see you don't want to play my tagging reindeer games.

Good job on the wedding :)

Wingman said...

No - and I'm not putting any lolcats on my blog either tridork :)