Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Those Whoops Moments

Over the past 10 days or so I've had a few "whoops" moments.  A whoop is a time when you think you know better than your cgm or glucose monitor, could swear you have a low coming on, or just totally miscalculate the amount of insulin you need.  My two most recent whoops moments were rice pudding and a cupcake.

Katie and I had made a pact to skip dessert for the foreseeable future but passing up rice pudding at one of our favorite shore restaurants proved to be too much of a temptation.  Before ordering I looked at my CGM and saw that I was still in the mid 140s after dinner; and that was after a 2 hour period where I was fighting off lows.  Thinking I "deserved" dessert after 4 hours of workouts that weekend we opted to go for it.  Mid-way through the drive home my CGM went off and I confirmed with a test my bs was rising and fast.  Apparently the rice pudding needed more than the 2 units I added to my dinner bolus as I was up to a bs of 300, whoops.

The other day at work I was 100% convinced I had a low coming on.  My legs felt wobbley, my mouth felt dry and I was speaking coherently but I'm not sure how the words were forming coherent sentences.  So when an email came through from the marketing team that simply stated "treats... come get em" I couldn't resist.  The sight of a moist, delicious looking cupcake was enough to make me certain I had a pending low so I devoured the treat and took on just a unit of insulin to prepare for the spike.  So I may have been heading slightly low but 20 minutes after the cupcake I began to develop a ragging head ache and had to take on a good bit of insulin to bring my blood sugar down from the sugar spike.  Next time I'll stick with a bit of OJ when I think I'm going low, whoops.

A few years ago I would have been majorly frustrated at those mistakes but now I know that every so often I will make a mistake with this disease.  It's alot easier to say whoops than to kick myself for a 30 minute mis-management of my blood sugars.

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