Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Back IN the Game

I've run into alot of memories over the past few weeks.  A couple weekends ago it was my first bike ride on 9W in more than 3 years reminding me of how much I used to struggle on that road as I learned to ride.  Then it was seeing all the jerseys of the various tri teams out training for whatever summer races they have coming up.  After that it was returning to my old pool at Stuyvesant High School only to learn the pool was closed for a year.  That of course brought up the panic of a NY triathlete wondering where the heck a pool with a free lane could exist (the Cobble Hill Y...).  But this past weekend the biggest flood of memories came to me.

I decided to jump back into the world of triathlons this summer.  I'm a bit late to the party as I had to wait until I was employed to determine if I'd have any funds to race and also needed to have a schedule and a place to train from before I knew if I'd be in shape.  When both those things happened in May I decided to sign up for both the NJ State Triathlon and the Chicago Triathlon.  Rather than jump head first back into tris after my painful experience at the Napa Valley Half Iron more than a year ago I'm easing back in with Olympics this time around.  And I'm giving back to the organization that has met so much to me.

Saturday reconfirmed how much Triabetes has meant to my evolution as a diabetic.  I received my 2012 tri kit and when I put on the jersey I felt a rush of pride.  It's not the same feeling as when I would put on my football jersey back in college, it's more a feeling that I'm part of an organization that is promoting something that is so near and dear to my heart and my ability to live.  What Peter has accomplished is nothing short of amazing and I'm humbled to be able to help give back to him.

Wearing the new kit reminded me of all the growing pains I had learning to manage my disease and learning how to be a triathlete.  If it wasn't for the people in Triabetes like Anne or Pete or so many countless others I never would have been able to accomplish what I have.  So please help me support triabetes with a small donation as this organization truly touches and helps all those trying to tackle their goals while dealing with diabetes.  You can donate here.

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