Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I won the Flywheel battle but they won the war...

The other night Katie convinced me to hit up Fly Wheel a new style spinning class that has become all the rage.  There are actually dedicated arguments on the interwebs about which version of the new spinning class is better - Fly Wheel or Soul Cycle (so its honestly become kind of cult like). Katie wanted to check out Fly Wheel first and after her first class she was hooked; so we decided on a Fly Wheel date earlier this week.

The format of the class is pretty interesting, Fly Wheel supplies water, spin shoes and a spin bike that can be fully adjusted.  The spin bikes are arranged in a "stadium style" arena with the instructor at the lowest point on the floor facing the rest of the class.  At the front of the room there is what Fly Wheel calls the "torque board" which is a leaderboard that is calculated by some formula which compares the tension on your spin bike and cadence - the board is split by gender. 

The class uses top 40/ high energy rock type music to keep the class motivated and the cadence ranges from 50 - 115 and three positions (seated, standing on the hoods, standing leaning forward).  The class also incorporates some weird minor muscle group upper body lifts using body bars at some point during the class.

So for my thoughts, the class was pretty interesting for spinning but not really my thing.  I "won" the class sitting atop the leaderboard with 50 or 60 more points than the next closest person and I felt like I got a great aerobic workout in but not really training in, if that makes sense.  I'm also pretty sure I won the competition for most sweat all time in a spin class; damn that room was hot!  But winning the sweating battle also led to a major problem for me.

After the class Katie and I went to a local sports bar to check out the Devils Stanley Cup Game (we won't go into the details of game 6...) and I was pretty surprised to see my blood sugar had climbed to the 200s by the time we got there.  I took in insulin and checked my blood sugar about 45 minutes into our visit and my blood sugar had climbed to about 280ish even though I had taken in a good bit of insulin.  By the time we decided to leave mid way through the 3rd period my blood sugar was up in the 300s so I went to the bathroom and in the low light it seemed like my infusion set had come out but I couldn't tell.

Once home under the bright lights of our bathroom I was able to confirm that the infusion set had popped out due to the sweat but the damage was done.  By this point my blood sugar was 500 or higher and I felt like I was going to throw up all over the place.  For the next couple of hours I took on bolus after bolus trying to bring my blood sugar down.  I started with 4 units to be on the safe side and then took another 4 units of insulin 2 hours later when I was still at 450 at 1 am.  By the time I woke up after the 8+ units of insulin my blood sugar was down to 80; but I felt pretty crappy the entire day.

The past week has not been fun for me and my pump.  I now see why so many people choose to use injections vs relying on technology and non-certain delivery.  I still love the freedom my pump provides but really trusting this is becoming hard.

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