Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Avoid The Cheesecake!

Workouts and my blood sugar had been going so well that I decided to splurge on a piece of Cheesecake this past Sunday night.  Katie and I left the shoe box of a sublet we were originally staying in out near Prospect Park for new luxurious digs on the Columbia Waterfront.  At the original apartment we were terrified to cook so had to eat out every meal, thus were overly excited to finally be able to cook again on Sunday.  For the past week my blood sugars had been rock solid, I got in over 20 miles of running last week, some seriously solid lifts and a few bike commutes so was feeling I could binge a bit on dessert.

For dinner Katie and I cooked whole wheat pappardelle, turkey meatballs and an awesome arugula salad.  Having run 7 miles earlier that day and 6 miles the day prior I thought that entitled me to a bit of extra carbohydrates.  Union Market had a single serving cheesecake honestly the circumference of a small juice glass; so Katie and I figured it couldn't be that bad for you.  Once we got home we flipped it over and realized this miniscule portion of desert had 17g of fat and 22g of carbohydrates!  Throwing caution to the wind I decided to have 3 spoon fulls of the desert (about 1/4 of the serving) and call it a night.

Shortly after that I lost any thoughts of romance as I began to recall the feeling of my pre-diagnosed days.  Looking at my CGM I saw my blood sugar had climbed from 145 at the end of dinner to 197 about an hour later and took in another unit and 1/2 of insulin.  A half hour later Katie came to the bedroom and I was all but dead to the world sprawled out on the bed somewhere between sleep and a diabetic haze.  I woke up at about 5:30 am to go to the bathroom and still felt incredibly warm and pretty out of it, when I tested my blood sugar was a shocking 338! 

Still with the shock fresh in my mind I quickly looked at my CGM and saw that I had been in the 350 - 400+ range all night!  I had turned off the high alarm on my unit as I continue to get my blood sugars back under control but really could have used them the other night.  But I also realize what an advantage it is to live with a type 3 (those who love those who have diabetes) as I told Katie the next time I suddenly seem totally out of it to check my CGM.  But most importantly I learned to avoid Junior's Cheesecake at all costs!

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Anne Findlay Dowling said...

I would have blamed the pasta. I can't imagine 5-6 g carbs from cheesecake would be the culprit.... but maybe that is just my excuse to keep cheesecake on the menu!

I have found that pasta usually gives me a second kick several hours after I eat it especially if the meal is higher in fat.