Monday, January 3, 2011

Stories of Bike Commuting

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is the critical mass of people who ride their bikes into work.  Public transportation out on the left coast can be a nightmare so I built up a single speed to ride into work.  Each day I'm blessed with the opportunity to ride my bike 6 miles into work and 6 miles home; so even if I don't have a chance to get in a workout due to my crazy start-up work schedule I at least get in some exercise.

However, every once in a while you encounter a driver who views cyclists much the same way the Orkin man views roaches.  Or you may run into two homeless people having a sword fight in the middle of an intersection.  Both of those are pretty easy to deal with just by paying attention.  What I find to be the most comical is the avengers of public peace (or crankiness).

Today while riding in I came to an intersection in front of SF's capital building.  This is one of the less busy intersections downtown.  I came to a red light, stopped and waited for the traffic to clear.  Once the traffic cleared and there were no cars coming for at least 2 blocks I got up on my pedals and rode across the street.  That's when I had this exchange with a woman who must still be nursing a New Year's hangover:

Woman who hates the world:  "aren't you supposed to obey the traffic laws!?!?!?" said in the same tone and voice as the wicked witch of the west
Me: "Are you serious?" said in the same tone as one would after getting punched in the face for ordering a happy meal (as in surprised)
Woman who is angry at society:  "It was a red light you f*cking asshole!!!!!!!" said in a demonic tone that might have been followed by tounges
Me:  "Happy New Year To You Too!" said in my happiest and most chipper tone

Nice way to ring in the New Year.  And yes "technically," she was right but this is also the city where people refuse to cross the street when it says don't walk even if there are no cars coming for 5 miles; yet an 18 year old can get a medical 420 card as easily as he can get a pepsi.  It never gets boring out here, that's for sure.


jpnairn said...

But to be fair, there are good reasons for traffic laws, and there aren't for prohibition.

Anne said...

watch out cuz the police will ticket you in SF.... but no need for the women to go ballistic.