Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Back To Form Is Painful!

During my transition to life in California and getting acclimated to a new job that slams me with hours of work my workouts have been inconsistent at best.  While I totally love what I'm doing I long for the days when I could hit the Charlottesville roads for hours on end and still have time to fit in everything I needed to.  I've stayed in "ok" shape but fell out of "race shape" and am trying to get ready for the pending tri and cycling season.  For the past couple weeks I've been incredibly consistent in my workouts, upped the intensity and focused on what I need to get better at - speed stamina not strength stamina.

My god is this painful!  The crit on Sunday, day off on Monday, lift and 2,000 meter swim on Tuesday and 4 miles last night including a 4 x 400 on the track is not easy for this old man!  At the same time I'm also trying to cut my weight down to 175 so am forced to be really vigilant about my blood sugars.  In the past I was so worried about a sugar crash I think I had a tendency to over eat.  This year instead of filling 100s of fuel belts for a 6 mile run I'm trying to start my runs as my blood sugar is climbing.  Thus far it seems to work and I've been able to greatly cut my calorie intake.  We'll see what happens as I continue to up the duration of my workouts but its a pattern I'd like to continue.

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kubs said...

Ed 175? Im really impressed. Go statesmen!