Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seasons? Or Something In The Water?

Over the past week or so my blood sugars have been angry, even with the new pump.  I have been struggling to get my blood sugars out of the 300s even with big boluses, lots of water, a good amount of exercise and an increasing basal rate.  My first thought to get my blood sugars back in line was to have a day of nothing but Ezikuel bread (which is really sprouted grains), salad and quinoa. When a dinner of just quinoa still had me high I figured something bigger wast at play.

Yesterday on Facebook a post by Anne popped up that said, "RAGE BOLUS!"  I e-mailed her and asked if her blood sugars had been crazy for the past week as well.  She told me she couldn't figure out what was going on and that she too was struggling to keep her blood sugars under the 250 mark.  Moreover, another type 1 friend of hers was experiencing the same issues.  WTF!!!!!!!

So either there is a mass conspiracy in San Francisco to drive all diabetic's A1c above 10 or the change in seasons this year is just really weird.  The temperatures in San Fran have dropped pretty starkly over the past week after some unusually warm weather.  My best guest is the drastic change in temperatures has messed with people's metabolisms.  "Normal," people as Lauren Antennucci, my sports nutritionist, used to say will be more tired than usual in the face of a changing metabolism but for someone special, like Anne, her friend and me the repercussions are blood sugars that are totally SNAFU.  Hopefully all the SF blood sugars get under control soon; if not an investment in the companies that produce insulin might not be the worst idea!


jpnairn said...

Are you and Anne and the other diabetic all on the same kind of insulin? If so, did you compare lot numbers? It's possible that there's a bad batch of insulin, or truckload that was un-refrigerated, or something like that.

erin spineto said...

You know, I ve been facing the same thing over the last week or so. but i may attribute that to a son who just had major surgery and literally no sleep (maybe 20 min a night ) for the last 8 days. i think maybe that kind of stress can really screw up a body. but i think you maybe onto something with the bad batch of insulin. it seems we figure these things out way before the companies finally get it. i personally use apidra. anyone else on it?