Friday, May 7, 2010

Back To Normal (well for me...)

Not sure that normal and me have ever been used in the same paragraph let alone the same sentence; but my blood sugars seem to have returned back to normal.  After the weird spike after breakfast yesterday and a nice 75 minute trainer ride with some zone 4b efforts my blood sugars returned to a nice steady state.  Although I was fighting off some lows in the evening as opposed to the 300s I was battling in the days before. 

Now that the blood sugars have steadied themselves it's time to just sit back and relax as I prep for the Kinetic Half Ironman tomorrow.  If nothing else, the lead up to this race has been VASTLY less stressful than the lead up to California 70.3.  There have been no frantic calls to Continental to find out where my bags are, no scavenger hunts to find triathlon gear and really no stress related heading into this race (save a few weird blood sugars).  Kind of nice to do a Half that's just an hour away from where I live. 

The difference with this race, no tapper, it's smack in the middle of a huge training block and my recovery from the race - a 70 mile ride on Sunday.  I blindly trust Coach Orton and think his methods are incredible but I'm pretty sure my legs hate him.  I'm actually really intrigued to see how my legs are going to respond to a half iron with no taper - I've always wanted to try this.  During my college football career I always played better after a really hard week of practice - getting used to pain lets you play in pain!  Either way this is less a race than a long training day.  No pressure, no expectations; the only goal is to stay focused, and stay positive - oh and maybe reduce some of those transition times.

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Scott K. Johnson said...

Hope the race went good and that you weren't hurting too bad the next day.