Wednesday, January 20, 2010

No Food Is Safe

A recent e-mail exchange with Coach Orton has me convinced that my parent's created the world's perfect eating machine.  The exchange was:

Coach:  Are you doing drinks during yur swims? (after he read my training peaks update that I bonked on the 5th 300 in a set of 5)

Me:  Haven't been yet - assuming from that question it would be a good idea if I did?

Coach:  It sounds like always drinking and taking in calories is good for you regardless of length and intensity of ALL your workouts.  I think your issues are cumulative from the weekly load and always topping your system off is a good idea...again regardless of the workout.

Me:  I think my next tattoo should be of a hungry, hungry, hippo!


Becca said...

Hungry, hungry hippo! I love it! Which color would you do?

Lynn said...

OMG now THAT is a tattoo I could get on board with!!!!