Thursday, November 19, 2009

Triabetes – I’m On The Way!

At this point a lot of second years in their MBA program will have a firm offer for post-MBA employment. Investment banking, consulting and leadership development programs have been giving out offers for weeks but there's one problem with the system – if you don't drop (submit a resume for an on campus company) you can't interview. I have a tendency to do my own thing and think a bit differently than my classmates. Prior to coming to business school I promised myself I wouldn't return to a life of finance and pursue a career in something that I love, in something that I felt I could make a difference and in something that I felt would let my creativity (even if it's with excel!) and ability to innovate thrive. Given that promise to myself I dropped for a total of ONE job and after receiving an offer for a second round interview decided I wouldn't be able to follow my dreams so declined it. Beating to your own drummer has its perks, potentially waiting until April or May to know where you'll be working to pay off an insane amount of loans isn't one of them!

How then does that relate to a blog about diabetes and triathlon you're probably asking yourself. Well, this weekend Triabetes will be premiering their documentary at Ironman Arizona, and I decided to go! For months I have spoken with Peter, the founder of Triabetes and InsulINdependence about how I could become more involved in the organization to help Peter achieve the vision he has. For a bigger role with Triabetes, whether strategic or athletic he just required that I attend IMAZ and meet the rest of the team. So after a week of pondering whether heading to Arizona for a couple days made sense, yesterday I pulled out my frequent flier card and used some of those points to get my butt from VA to AZ!

I know I want to work in something that is related to sustainability and fitness when I graduate from Darden. There are a few very well known companies I have been trying to network with, two of whose products I use almost daily and have written about frequently and recently. In addition to pursuing my mission of educating other diabetics about sports nutrition management the Triabetes premier provides an awesome chance to network with some companies who share the same passions I do. So really this opportunity was too good to pass up. Plus Mary Eggers promised me a beer if I got out there so if nothing else I have that going for me!

I'm really rolling the dice on this one. I'm flying across the country during one of the busiest parts of the school year to meet with a team of people who share my passions but I've never met before. In fact I've only spoken directly to two members of the Triabetes team on the phone but will be spending my weekend sharing a momentous occasion with them. After the documentary the Triabetes' captains will retire to their hotel rooms to prepare for IMAZ, which I'll be volunteering at on Sunday. If nothing else this weekend will give me a tremendous story, hopefully let me develop some great new friendships and without question proves how awesome the triathlon community can be.

This is going to be a blast!


Mary Eggers said...

and you are havin a beer with Team EGG!

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun Ed! This is an opportunity you can NOT pass up. Take advantage at what is in front of you!

Kim Ammon

jpnairn said...

"this weekend will give me a tremendous story"
Absolutely! And we can't ask for much more than that. When it comes down to it, that's what each of us is doing, creating our own life story.
I'm really looking forward to meeting you! Have a great trip.

PJ said...

Oh man, I am SO jealous you're going. You're going to have a blast. Say hi to everyone for me. I will be with you all in spirit!