Monday, November 2, 2009

The Adventures of A Type 1 on Halloween!

Although Coach Orton hasn’t officially ended my off season yet I’ve determined that in October I did enough damage to my liver and body that November is a perfect time to get after it again. Knowing that Monday would restart my diet of clif bars, and whole grains I had to blow it out on Saturday asking the question, “what would Brian Boitano do?”

Saturday started harmlessly enough with an 8 mile run on gorgeous Ridge Rd. The leaves continue to change colors in Charlottesville so running out in farm country is absolutely breath taking. I had planned to go for a long ride on Saturday but woke up with a stomach ache and some high blood sugars so I thought a run was the safer option. During October I have definitely noticed a change in the effort required to maintain a decent pace. I haven’t been eating as healthy as I normally do and my off season workouts have paid the price – we all need a break every now and again though!

After my run I showered up to head to Darden’s tailgate for the UVA v Duke game; and was pretty excited since I actually had seats for the game! Normally I’m crammed up on the hill with 500 undergrads but this time I was on the 40 yard line 3 rows from the field. I left midway through the third quarter to get myself glammed up for Halloween – that’s when the adventure started!

This was actually the first time I would be dressing up for Halloween as a diabetic. I knew the parties I’d encounter would have chocolate goodies and was a bit worried since my costume didn’t have any pockets. My blood sugars have been a bit bouncy lately so I went into the night with some trepidation. When I got home from the tailgate my blood sugar was at 216; not too awful since I had 3 beers at the game and a couple York peppermint patties; I corrected for that and was off to the first of 2 pre-parties.

Since my costume didn’t have any pockets I carried my meter with me in a fuel belt pouch that I have; the palm sized pouched was the perfect solution. I tend to freak out if I don’t have constant access to my meter so having something that fit in my hand gave me blood sugar confidence for the night. After playing some flip cup I left the first pre-party and headed downtown for the second party and to eat some pizza. At this point my blood sugar was in the 300s, so I bloused and corrected a ton for 2 slices of pizza. I was a bit worried at this point since my blood sugars were starting to get out of control but tried to push that to the back of my mind so I could enjoy hanging out with my friends.

From there I was off to Darden’s dance party and had an absolute blast. For 3 hours my friends and I danced up a storm and drank a ton of beers – however I was a sweaty mess by the end of the 3 hours. Once our tab ran out and the party was over we all headed outside. I finally tested and had a blood sugar of 61; hmmm not so good, time to find a deli. A group of us were headed to a second bar for the rest of the night but I got separated from them as I was trying to find a soda or something anywhere.

The first open place I passed by was a fairly upscale wine bar – heads turned around as I walked in with my slightly over the top costume. The bar tender asked me with hesitation if she could get me anything. I asked for a coke; she said I’m sorry we don’t have any soda. I then asked her for anything with sugar, orange juice, cranberry juice, anything. She then said something like “oh so you just need to carb up?” I responded with a smile and said “yes, ummm… something like that.” She then realized that they had “Italian soda,” so I said that was fine and drank the Orange-gina or whatever it was, while the 2 people seated at the bar gawked at me.

Finally the two people seated at the bar started talking to me as I drank my soda, and I explained to them that I go to Darden and was at their Halloween party and just had to run in here to grab a soda and then was going to reunite with my friends. The couple then started asking me questions and the guy who was a computer science graduate student began asking me for career advice. Seriously he was asking a guy dressed like this:

For career advice! Looking back on it I should have said, the only thing you need to ask yourself is “what would Brian Boitano do?” But I put sarcasm aside tried to be as nice as possible, wished him well and was off to find my friends again. As I walked the Downtown Mall I realized I must be far less intimidating dressed as Chaz Michael Michaels,” then I normally am as a couple groups of guys talked some sh*t to me – I of course had to say something back but just kept walking. Finally I reunited with my friends, danced for an hour or two more then headed home as I started to feel a bit low. Once I got back home my blood sugar dropped into the 50s so I ate some whole wheat toast with almond butter and chia seeds before bed. I woke up with a blood sugar of 98, ate a clif bar and then hoped on my bike trainer for an hour. Yep the off season is over, now it’s time to get back into shape – but at least I ended the off season in style!

and yes - Kent (or should I say Jimmy) and I did lifts on the dance floor!


Kim said...

LOL.. seriously.. very funny. "What Would Brian Bitano do?" It took me awhile to put that together then I saw your costume and it all made sense. Stay on that blood sugar! Sounds like you're pretty good with it but hopefully your HA1c is good! Glad you are having some fun in the off-season! I'm almost there!!

Amanda said...

Awesome! Wish I could've seen those lifts!

You are most definitely right...we all need some time off the swim-bike-run-focus. We all know we can't do off season too long, but we tend to enjoy it while we can!