Monday, April 13, 2009

Time To Taper

All the training has been completed so now I'm firmly in my taper for the 2009 Charlottesville Marathon. I'm shocked at how different my mindset is going into this marathon versus my mindset prior to IMLP. I guess after you complete a full Ironman in the pouring rain while over coming a blood sugar that dropped into the 30s you realize no matter how painful the race is, you can gut it out.

I reached all my pacing and blood sugar goals during training, so I have more confidence in my endurance knowledge versus IMLP. The big question that remains is how my knees and hamstrings will hold up on the hills in Charlottesville. If there are no major snafus breaking 4 hours is a reasonable goal, if my body breaks down or if the blood sugar demons attack, 4 hours and 15 minutes is a reasonable goal.

I'll be wearing my Freestyle Navigator during the race which should also give me some better indication of how to manage my blood sugars. Additionally, I think I finally dialed in the amount of sodium I need during a race - I really would like NOT to visit a port-a-john on Saturday! I turn 30 and run a marathon all in the same week, should be fun.


Kim said...

enjoy the week as much as you can! lots of sleep :) and then you will bust out an amazing marathon and celebrate your 30th with delicious meaty treats at Mas!

LG said...

have a fantastic & fun race! go get those hills! and enjoy celebrating a new decade!