Friday, April 17, 2009

Time To Run.....

The Charlottesville Marathon is finally just over 12 hours away and I can't wait to start this race! I'm really excited to race with some of my Darden friends who are doing the half, and to have some awesome support from classmates who plan to run part of the race with me. Kim, my Mom, my Dad and of course Moose are all here to cheer me on - unlike the anxiety inducing lead up to the Ironman, this has been alot of fun. I'm confident my blood sugar management will go well, confident in my overall nutrition plan and confident in my training - so really the only thing left to focus on is having a smile on my face mile after mile (yeah right - like its possible to smile running up the hill known Free Union Rd.!)

After the race I'm having a big BBQ at my apartment where my classmates will get to hang out with my girlfriend, me and my dog - should be a blast and I'll get to reap the rewards of training and racing by dominating triple cheese burgers! I'd really like to break 4 hours tomorrow, but if I don't that's ok too, the motto of 2009 is to apply the lessons learned in 2008, perform on race day and most importantly have fun. The Charlottesville Marathon presents a really difficult running course, but what fun would it be if my legs aren't burning for 26.2!

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