Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Race Schedule Is Filling Out

Now that I have my internship for the summer secure I've been able to focus on that thing called life a bit more. So given that I now have part of my race schedule completed for 2009:

April 18 - Charlottesville Marathon
May 10 - Kinetic Sprint Triathlon (most likely)
June 6 - Mooseman International Distance Triathlon
July 19 - Musselman Half Ironman

There are a few other events on the radar and I was recommended to apply for the Medtronic Global Heroes program where I would receive entry into the 2009 Twin Cities Marathon. I've been working on that application and will hopefully have it in by the end of the week. Additionally, I have been contacted by a type 1 diabetic triathlete in Boston who is trying to put together a team to compete in the Cohasset Triathlon to raise awareness for diabetes, now that I know I'll be in Boston for the summer that race is likely on the calendar.

All this may lead to my preparation for a possible return to the Iron distance in 2010! I spoke with Coach Egg via e-mail late last week and told her that this year my goal is to take all the knowledge I gained last year about blood sugar management, race day nutrition and mental preparation and apply it to have safe, fun and successful competitions.

During training I continue to deal with uncertainties and unexpected lows or highs but those events have been far less frequent than in 2008. Over the past 5 weeks I have completed runs of 10 miles, 16 miles (twice), and 19 miles without having a major blood sugar issue - if I can compete with confidence, race day becomes that much more enjoyable. Hopefully this vast knowledge base I've been accumulating is finally paying dividends!

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Kim said...

seems like your nutrition has been SPOT ON lately which hopefully means Charlottesville will continue the same way!

im talking to Coach Jen today about races this summer/fall - so hopefully we can do some more together!