Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Routines

Last week I voluntarily left my comfort zone and the life I knew to come to a highly challenging and stressful environment. Life as a Darden student has begun. With that a host of adjustments have had to be made to my diet, basal, bolus and activity rates.

The new schedule has totally changed my eating patterns prior to school starting I was eating breakfast around 6:30 am, having a morning snack at about 10 am, lunch at about 12:30, afternoon snack around 2 or 3 and then dinner at about 7 - during that routine one or two workouts with additional nutrition would occur. Now that I'm in class from 8 until 1:30, and learning team from 7 to 10 or 10:30 my eating schedule has been defined for me. I'm eating breakfast at about 7 am, a snack at 10:30, lunch at 1:30, dinner at 6, then a light snack after learning team. My basal rates have remained fairly consistent but since I'm eating breakfast a bit later I'm starting to see an under bolusing change. So far I've only had one or two days of really bad blood sugars, one day of all highs and one day of all lows.

On Monday I'll hopefully upload my basal rate changes from the past month as they are significant and find the routine to get back to blogging.


LoveOfShoes said...

Congrats on starting, Ed!

Adjustment to life as a grad student was hard for me at first as well, but it should comfort you to know that we always thought the MBA guys had the most fun, and were the most most fun to hang out with, too :)

Fun and Fearless in Boston said...

Ed, while I'm glad that you're settling in with grad school, the Boston crew misses you! We were out for humpday drinks and the rest of the KK crew (who are probably tougher critics than me) are excited to meet you!

Train-This said...

DAMN! I was hoping you'd forget Darden and bring that big loan to Rochester and hang out.

Kim said...

hope you have been practicing your grilling skills!