Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back In The Saddle

The early days at Darden certainly took a toll on me! From getting used to how to analyze a case study, understanding the dynamics of my learning team, sitting in class for 6 hours a day and trying to fit in all the meet & greet events Darden offered my time was limited. For two weeks it was next to impossible to get in a schedule; essentially 334 dynamic, bright individuals were ripped from their prior life and placed into a chaotic, demanding system; mind you we all asked for this! Blood sugar management, fitness and health all took a back seat to my acclimation of the high touch, high tone, high octane lifestyle.

It may be strange to hear me say that for just over two weeks the person who has tackled diabetes with abandon let his health take a back seat to othe priorities. However I've begun to understand there comes a time when priorities have to be reorganized even if just for the short term. By focusing on the acclimation to the Darden lifestyle I shortened the time horizon to getting back to my regular schedule. Had I tried to do everything at once as I had tried to do so many times in my past I would have become overwhelmed and potentially failed at all facets.

Yesterday after I hung up the phone with my Mom after my full on b*tch fest about the dynamics of the acclimation process everything seemed to slow down. I attacked my cases with an understanding that I hadn't demonstrated last week. I was able to draw parallels between past cases and the new ones and eloquently argued my points at learning team.

I knew if I could force myself out of bed at 6am to run that I was well on my way to getting "comfortable" again. By 6:18 I had my Sauconys on and ran for the first time since the Ironman! Part of the reason I waited so long to run was that I had a stress fracture in each tibia at Placid; but the bigger and more relevant reason was I simply didn't have the time. Today was the dawn to my return to triathlon training (even if it's just short-distance for now, I had aspirations to compete at the 2009 IM Cozumel but there's no way I can train to go long right now) and focusing on my blood sugars. For the first time since I arrived in C'Ville I'm feeling like me again - that's bad news for the blood sugar demons.


Kim said...

"ugh, don't you just feel GROSS?!"-ed

"um yeah. thanks"-kim

glad you're back on track with working out (somewhat), school and the entire darden experience. and the weber will burn the shit out of those blood sugars.

Bernard said...

Good job Ed

I hope that Darden gets easier and you slide into a regular exercise routine.

These days I'm up most mornings around 5:45 AM so I can get in some training for my upcoming Triathlon for a Cure. I'm looking forward to it, though I don't ever see myself graduating to an IronMan event. I'm not that crazy. :-)

JulyDream said...

It's complete insanity, isn't it?? I'm right there with you. People keep telling me I'm an overachiever, but I keep telling them I'm simply trying to figure it out. :)

We need to grab drinks!!!

Cara said...

Sometimes it's just part of letting diabetes take a "sort-of" back seat. It happens to the best of us and mostly in crazy busy times.
But the fact is, you've taken the important step of organizing yourself so you can deal with it again.
I hope you are enjoying Darden.