Tuesday, March 11, 2008

JDRF Mentor Training

Tonight I'll be at JDRF HQ for their mentor training program. I had reached out to the JDRF shortly after I was diagnosed to see if there was any way I could lend an ear to people struggling with the daily grind of the diabetes. As I understand it this is the first time the JDRF will be launching their mentorship program in NYC although it has existed for a while in other cities. I'm pretty excited to see how it goes and am really looking forward to meeting some like minded people tonight.

As a public service announcement - remember to set your DVR to Bravo tomorrow night 9pm, Wednesday March 12th for the season premier of Top Chef Season 4 - Chicago!!!! Top Chef is my favorite show and tomorrow's post will be dedicated to my love of NYC food.


Shannon said...

I LOVE Top Chef! Thanks for the reminder.

Have fun with the mentoring program!

Kathy said...

I was diagnosed with type-1 in 2006 at 23 years old. I always feel less alone when I learn there's someone else in the world who understands my experience, although of course I certainly wish it upon no one. I hope Jay Cutler gets involved with the JDRF once he's got a handle on things. Would be great to raise awareness that it's not just kids...