Monday, January 14, 2008

This Train Is Back In Service

Last Sunday my training just seemed off. After landing in Richmond the day before my interview with Darden I needed to find something to eat and grabbed a Subway sandwich - immediately after eating it I regretted that decision. For whatever reason I felt like I couldn't digest that tasty processed meat but still knew I needed to get a run in that evening. Prior to my run I had a small turkey sandwich, clif bar, accel gel and some Gatorade. During the run I felt like a Hippo after ingesting 15 kegs of beer and promptly threw my guts up after my hour long run. Tuesday evening I had a time trial test on my trainer but nearly passed out 42 minutes into it - my blood sugar dropped from 160 to 106 in a 5 minute span making me feel completely out of it with almost no power in my legs. I kept trying to fight through the malaise but the fog of depression, uncertainty or just sheer exhaustion continued to engulf me.

Finally on Thursday night I started to break free of whatever invisible hand was holding me back. I had a 1/2 hour trainer ride scheduled, perfect just a nice way to get the legs back in shape. As I grinded away I began to feel the strength come back in my legs, with each passing minute my cadence became quicker and speed became faster. At the end I had, had my best workout in a week's time. Friday brought a lifting session and a running session - I was able to complete each with the normal tenacity I have when going through my workouts. Then Saturday's hour long bike ride was my best yet although I was operating on not alot of sleep (social life is back!) and a slight hang over. Add to that yesterday's 70 minute, 8 plus mile run and this train is fully back.

I'm not sure if the troubles with my workouts last week were caused by the stress the Darden MBA interview put me under, something diabetes related, a virus or frustrations of a past relationship. Whatever it was, I was able to put that behind me, force myself to push and break through the wall. Training for an Ironman is all about finding the mental fortitude to push yourself through the hard times. Each run I have, each bike session Coach has me do won't be my best. There will be days where my legs feel weak and heavy, where my back is screaming and my shoulders are crying out. But each time I'm able to push myself through that pain, to defeat the mental demons is a day that brings me closer to my goal of finishing IMLP to the best of my ability while showing that Diabetes won't slow me down.


Shannon said...

I don't see you having a problem finishing an Ironman between the physical AND mental training you're getting.

It could've been stress affecting you, a virus, or both. Who the hell knows when diabetes is on the scene.

Lauren said...

LOLZ why did you injest 15 kegs of beer? no wonder you puked!

you must have been really drunk!

Paige said...

This post makes me want to get back on the train myself. A few months back in the middle of my women's soccer season, I was in the best shape I'd been in since college. After an unfortunate ankle tweak in a co-ed game, I reverted to resting my ankle and only playing one day a week. Time healed the ankle, but then I sustained a hip flexor injury, with which I'm still wrestling. Lately, I dabble in and out of the gym as well as PT. Today will be day number 3 in a row! Definitely feeling good about that, but still sore. :(

I'm impressed that you're training for Ironman!