Tuesday, January 8, 2008

72 Hours of CGMS

Today at 4:30 I meet with Renee of Minimed/ Medtronic to get fitted with a 72 hour CGMS. Dr. Baker is really into getting all available information about a patient to give them the best care possible. That's exactly the way I believe this disease needs to be managed. So around 5 pm today I'll be hooked up to the 72 hour monitoring system and will then know exactly how my blood sugars moved over that period - this should be a huge help with training and everyday life. I'm really interested to see how my blood sugar reacts to the heart rate test I have on my bike this evening.

In other news I had my interview with the Darden MBA program at UVA yesterday. This year Darden changed their policy of open interviews to invite only so receiving an invitation to interview was a huge step in the process. Normally I come out of interviews feeling like I 100% sold myself to the best of my ability. I wish I could say the same for yesterday, I brought out almost all the points I wanted to but still feel like I left something on the table. Now the long wait until February 1st when decisions are released begins. The format of the interview is open - the only question the interviewer asks is "I want to hear your story from the time you were a child to your decision to apply to Darden," then you go off and try and sell yourself.


Cara said...

I did this through my doctor's office. It was wonderful. I am currently wandering throught the crazy insurance information to try to get them to approve one for me to have all the time. I would love to have this on hand information. I hope you enjoy your 3 day journey with the CGMS! Good luck.

Chris said...

Good luck with the CGMS. Hope it gives you a lot of useful info. I'm sure it will. Also good luck with Darden. A friend of my wife and mine is going through the same process with KU (University of Kansas) She had her interview and now she just has to sit back and wait til March to see if she gets a yes, no or waiting list.

Good luck

Shannon said...

What a question from Darden. It's a good thing you're not 80 otherwise they'd be there all day.