Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Power of Protein

Over the past week something fantastic has happened. I've been able to complete all my workouts, dual workouts haven't been as big of a problem, I've been able to feel my legs on all runs, am not afraid of drowning in the pool and relish the opportunity to get on my bike trainer. Lauren made one simple suggestion - have more protein before I work out. Prior nutritionist had tried to suggest this but each of their suggestions relied around my blood sugar spiking into the 200s for a workout.

Yesterday I started a 1/2 hour swim with my bs at 154 (the lowest I had ever started a swim workout). However, I was confident I could complete the swim because my bs had only dropped 7 points during the walk from my office to the gym. In the past I have lost as many as 35 points off my blood sugar during that walk. Lauren suggested I have at least 30 grams of protein an hour before my workouts to help maintain my blood sugar and it really seems to be working. The protein is slowing the absorption of the carbs into my body allowing a time delayed release and giving me the energy I need to finish the exercise.

Now it is premature for me to say I have all this worked out but for the first time I feel like I'm on the right track and love the fact I don't need a bs of 210 just to go for a jog.


Shannon said...

It takes a lot of experimenting to find something that works. It may not work all of the time, but you'll get to a point where when you do have to adjust, it won't be in such drastic increments. Just a tweak here and there.

I'm sure your workouts are more enjoyable now too since lows aren't interfering so much.

Anonymous said...

what kinds of things do you find are good protein snacks before a run? and then do you eat any more carbs right before the run?

Wingman said...

Anon - right now I've been working with clean whey proteins; and almond butter - really any protein that is easily digestable and not too high in fat (like a steak!)

10 to 30 minutes before my exercise I'm taking in another 20 to 40 grams of carbs depending on how intense the workout will be.

Scott said...

Very interesting recommendation, but I would agree 100%. Contrary to what many CDE's and nutritionists mistakenly claim, protein does end up in blood glucose levels, but it typically takes longer to metabolize.

Experience has taught me that animal proteins tend to take about 6-8 hours to metabolize, while fish, eggs and vegetable protein work more like carbohydrates, only that they seem to appear in about an hour or so. I would say you are getting good value for your investment!

Dying Water Buffalo said...

go for a job? do you mean jog?

that is cool. i had some turkey before i ran today and thought of you eating protein before your runs.

I'm happy you have been getting all your workouts in!