Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How To Piss Off Your Endo

Unfortunately when you deal with an endocrinologist who runs a practice famous for dealing with children, that endocrinologist may forget you're an adult. Yesterday I had my first appointment with my endo in about 4 months. Over the course of those 4 months the best advice I had gotten from her CDEs was to lower my basal rate 3 and 1/2 hours before I work out to combat any exercise induced lows. Sure that's a great idea if I got out of work everyday at the same time, but since I work in a city so famous for it's work-life balance planning like that isn't really an option (an hour and 1/2, or 2 hours I can manage but 3 and 1/2 - no chance). So I went in frustrated with the whole office, at best.

So I sat down face to face with my endo and as she is speaking with me I sense an aggravated tone. I told her I just started working with a new sports nutritionist, which she tersely replied - I suggest you stop seeing her since your A1c went up to a 7.0 from a 5.9. I responded, that Lauren has nothing to do with that since my first meeting with her was last Tuesday! My endo (whom I won't name in this post but can be found elsewhere on my blog) also stated "we really don't like our patients to seek advice outside of the practice." Well that's great you have a patient frustrated with the level of care they are receiving, they are pro-active in trying to solve the problem and you're pissed that this patient is taking a hands on approach to their health (awesome approach!)

She then told me if I had asked her (via e-mail, that she checks 1,000 times a day) for a recommendation of a nutritionist she would have recommended Rich Weil of DESA. I informed her that I sought out Rich myself a few months ago and that he may be the major reason why my A1c went up so much. Rich suggested that I have a bagel before every workout and get my bs above 200 before a run - I was less than impressed with the advice he gave me. For the record, the last time I e-mailed my endo when I lost my meter she told me to call her for clinical matters because she didn't like dealing with clinical matters via e-mail.

I told her I consulted an outside nutritionist because I was frustrated with the advice her practice was giving me and that I felt I was getting nowhere with them. She asked me what I thought of their nutritionist - I said I thought she was great but hasn't been around recently. Their nutritionist just got married, went on a 3 week honeymoon in October and is now on a 2 week vacation. My endo said she knows alot about nutrition, not because of any degrees but because she was the No. 1 tennis player at the Ivy league school she went to and beat David Blake while there! That's great by that logic I should be the head economist for the NFL since I was the No. 1 lineman during my time there and have a BA in economics!!!!!! Ugh.

Their nutritionist is a great person and the 1 person in this practice whom I have any respect for. However, she has never competed in a triathlon or a marathon. Lauren has finished 3 Ironmans, and countless marathons, gives lectures to the top endurance sports groups in Manhattan and has written dozens of articles for endurance sports publications - whose credentials would you trust more?

Anyway, I think it's time for me to actively seek out a new endo who agrees with my approach to this disease and life. I got off to a bad start with them from the beginning - my endo initially thought I was being too positive about my dealing with diabetes. I guess she expected me to be a crying mess who asked "why me." Sorry lady you got the wrong guy - I'm pissed I have this damn thing but it will never affect what I think of myself or my approach to life. She is now furious I went outside the practice and have been actively seeking help to achieve my goals - real professional. So I say take that Harvard Med Degree and shove it up your ass!


diabetic said...

u went to an ivy? i am surprised.

Allison said...

I go to the same clinic, but I see a different endo and loved her. I also know someone who briefly saw the endo you're talking about and she didn't like her either, so it's not just you. Email me if you want to know who I see at you know where...

Oh geez. Harry Potter novel anyone?

Amylia said...

How infuriating! I can't believe the arrogance with which some doctors dispense their bullshit.

I'm sorry you had a bad experience with this particular endo and clinic. It sounds like you are doing the right things for yourself. It's great you're so proactive so shortly after diagnosis.

I say find a new endo. this one sounds like bad news.

Shannon said...

I can't believe she was upset about you seeking advice outside of the practice. I'd seek another endo too. Endos should be pro-independence for their patients.

Brendon's endo actually gets annoyed if we contact her for advice, LMAO.
I love that about her though. I think PWD should be independent and use their endo as a guide when needed, and to write scripts and order A1C tests.

Nells said...

hi wingman

This is Nella from Andiamo Production in Madison. Sorry the email bounced. Let me know what you want to do for the doc. contact me at nellacitino@yahoo.com

as for the doc, move on. She's doesn't sound like a very good one.


Albert said...

maybe someone should start a RateMyEndo.com website for people with diabetes to rant and rave about different endos

Scott said...

Urgh, I cannot believe a healthcare professional would respond in such a childish manner. While I don't envy your task of finding a new endo (there's a shortage in the NYC area, as you've probably discovered), I agree 100% with the decision. Good luck in your search!

Albert said...

I've added you to my blogroll. Great blog you've got going on here.

Anne said...

sorry to hear about that doctor. :( in my experience, the medical advice an endo gives is no more important than my relationship w/ the doctor and the way the doctor treats me. Of course you should seek out all resources esp. those that you feel confident will help you. I chose my endo because he runs marathons and I knew he would understand the necessity of exercise in my life. Of course, the medical knowledge is necessary too but if your doctor doesn't connect with you it doesn't help much.

Anonymous said...

David Blake wasn't the powerhouse his brother was. But he did put his tennis connections to good use and is now a business manager and financial advisor to some of the top talent on the tour, his brother James included.

Anonymous said...

i wish you could hear me rolling my eyes at your self rightiousness right now

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what supporting information you posted to lead up to your doctor's response, her attitude said it all. Unprofessional and unneeded.

If I were you I would go one more time and when you have to pee in a cup, just overflow the damn thing and screw the top on crooked so it strips the grooves and leaks all out on whoever has to handle it.

F her with an infusion set.

Mt. Pleasant SC

Cara said...

I hate it about the endo, but I agree that if you aren't happy you should find someone else. Treating diabetes is a very hands-on thing for diabetics and we have to take control of our own care. If you want to seek outside help, then you should, without worrying about your endo getting mad at you!

Donna said...

Sorry you've had to deal with such a difficult Endo. That's the last thing you need to worry about when you go for a visit. They should deal with your medical stuff & not be a big baby about it.

I've been fortunate with my endo. He's wonderful! Unfortunately, he's located in Indiana so it would be quite a commute for you.

Good luck finding someone else. Hopefully, you can find a good one soon.

Bernard said...

That stinks. I hope you find a really great endo. If you ever move to Massachusetts, I've got one I can recommend!

type1emt said...

I switched to an adult endo,for that very reason.
(yeah,they were good,but they were so obviously ped oriented we weren't on the same communication plain at all)
Are you going to find a new one?