Monday, July 30, 2007

It's The Little Things (Like a finger prick)

For months I have agonized over my finger pricks. I assumed that each lancet device was the same and that no matter which one I used I'd have to deal with black dots at the tips of each finger and looking like I had deformed fingers each time I got out of the pool. I thought each lancet device would be as uncomfortable as the one that came with my freestyle flash and take as many tries to draw blood as that one. Oh how I hated this evil little gray device of torture:

The grey device of torture once decided to break apart as the pharmasist was seeing what type of lancets I used just to bring the pain to someone else. I can't count the number of times the protective plastic fell off leaving the prick of death to be exposed giving me an unexpected jab when I went to test!

After 4 months of discomfort I decided to try a new lancet device and I can't be thankful enough that I went with the Accu-Check Softclix:

For the past week I have lived in finger prick bliss. During sweaty workouts I don't have to worry about my hand pulling off the only protection I have from the lancet of death, I've only had to reprick myself once out of 50 tries, the holes are healing and the black dots are gone! Maybe I'm turning soft in my old age but I'm glad to say good bye to the grey finger prick of death and hello to blue buddy.


kath said...

There is an even BETTER device out there. You can get it free with the Accu-check Activa -- my endo will give me one whenever I ask for one.

It's the Accu-CheK Multiclix.

Also you don't have to deal with lancelets anymore.

I HAVE blogged about them.

Bernard said...


It's not just the device, it's also the lancets. If you're not using the BD Ultra Fine 33 lancets, then you've not really experienced the ultimate in comfort. I know I sound like an advert, but these are really the least painful lancets I've ever used. Try and get hold of some and see what you think.

Donna said...

This is the lancet device I use except mine actually attaches to my AccuChek meter. So it's very convenient. I like this one better than any of the others I've used, too.

Wingman said...
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Dying Water Buffalo said...

other unmentioned benefits of the blue pen:

- blue is closer to purple than grey, so in the same color family to coordinate with your pump
- sleeker design is more chic for when you are hanging out outside of Alife or ABC Norio and want to impress the crowds
- more aerodynamic design aids in quick draw for stealth tests :)
- now you can give me the grey needle for my heroin habit. i mean, EPO injections. or just to stab people with!

Wrenching Winz said...

completely none related but answring your ? from ski's blog. Big/Big is the big chain ring in the front and the big cog in the back. Small/Small is the small chain ring in the front and small cog in the back. These are crossover gears and royally sucks. 10 cog/12 cog ect are the number of teeth on a rear cassette. The more teeth the easier (lower) the gear. Less teeth = harder (higher)

Kevin said...

I agree, softclix rocks. They're small (and fit nicely in your pocket), very comfortable, and can load and deploy lancet with one hand (most lancet devices require two hands to do this). Some have raved about the multiclix, but since they're a little bit bigger and the rotating lancet doesn't mean much to me (I change my lancet annually (if that)), then the softclix is my fav. After I lost my first one, I actually bought an Accu-Check Active meter for $19 because it came with a softclix and a softclix on its own cost something like $30.

But I've since lost my second one and have yet to replace it. I'm back to a clunky device and I hate it.

Cara said...

All these are an improvement of the horrible devices of 20 years ago. Trust me! But I have to say, some are better than others. I am going to agree w/ Bernard. I love my BD device w/ the Ultra Fine lancets. They are very much painless.