Friday, May 25, 2007

The Search for a Pump - Part 2

My experiment with the Animas 2020 has continued and I've been pretty pleased with the results. Alot of my fears about how I'd react to the pump have really been alleviated. After the first cannula fell out I had some issues getting a new one in. The first time I tried to put a new cannula in I forgot to remove the plastic needle guard; the second time I removed the plastic needle guard but forgot to remove the paper on the adhesive tape! It is really disconcerting when you stab yourself with a needle to realize you just ruined that infusion set because you're too dense to remember all the steps - now I see why it takes 2 office visits until they let you use one of these things!

The other big challenge was getting into my bathroom, the Animas rep only had the 46" infusion sets for me so I'm dealing with twice as much cord as I'd like. Each time I went into my bathroom last night the tubing got stuck on my door handle. Beyond that I really didn't have too many complaints. I was able to sleep perfectly well, the tube never got wrapped around my body and when the tube was resting across my stomach I hardly felt it.

Today at the gym I decided to remove the tube and pump since I was doing squats and bench. The doctor's say you can leave the pump out for about an hour and 1/2 at a time so I thought my hour workout would be fine. Although I'm only using saline at this point I'm trying to make my trial as realistic as possible. The cannula stayed in during this workout so I was a happy man!

Each time I'm supposed to give myself a bolus I do it with my novolog pen and with the saline in my pump. I really can see how the pump will improve my quality of life and allow me to have an unexpected snack. For example, when I was headed to Grand Central today to catch a train to my parents for the long weekend I was dying to get a hot pretzel with some cheese for the hour long ride. However, I didn't really feel like exposing my stomach to the world to stab myself in front of small children. If I had insulin instead of saline in my pump I could have gotten that pretzel, hit a few buttons and kept my bs around 100 - this trial is really convincing me the pump is the way to go.

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SkiRough said...

What?! and miss an opportunity to show off the abs in grand central?! ;)