Tuesday, December 27, 2011

X Factors - Family Holiday Party!

Happy Holidays to all my readers!  I hope each of you had as fantastic of a holiday as I did.  Since I moved across the country family time has become increasingly more meaningful and special so this Christmas was extra amazing.  Especially since I had the opportunity to meet my significant other's entire extended family.

With each holiday season I am however reminded how tough family parties can be with the D.  From extra booze to your favorite Aunt's desserts bolusing is never easy.  Add to that a sporadic exercise schedule and a routine far from normal and you have a recipe prime for diabetes disaster.

On Christmas Day I went to my SO Uncle's house for her family's Christmas party.  Once there I was greeted with sausage rolls, roast beef on baguettes, baked bree and pigs in a blanket. In other words, a carb counter's nightmare!  When I woke up Christmas morning I did some hill repeats and made up my own cross-fit routine so had gotten in about 45 minutes of exercise.  For breakfast I had some greek yogurt and for brunch an omelet so I was a bit surprised that my blood sugar was 220 when I first bolused for the holiday appetizers.

After peeing no less than 5 times in an hour I wondered if my 5 unit 2 hour extended bolus wasn't enough.  Upon testing I saw that my blood sugar was 295 so I gave myself another 3 units of insulin.  5 pee breaks later my blood sugar had crested to 341 and I took in 10 units of insulin.  The next time I tested I was at 271 and for the most part hadn't eaten anything in the past 2 hours.  I decided to give myself another 5 units of insulin and told my girlfriend to watch out for the warning signs of a low.  Before leaving my blood sugar was still in the upper 200s so I took in more insulin yet again.

At that point I wondered if sausage bread really could be that bad for you or if there was any possible way I had eaten more than 700 grams of carbohydrates (or what my bolus rate would have translated to).  Once back at my gf's house I took in 12 more units of insulin since I was at 221 and had a bite of cheesecake assuming that I was headed low at some point. Finally my blood sugar dropped to 150 making me worry about a nighttime low but 30 minutes later I was back at 175 so I took in another unit of insulin and had a gel and some other sugar goodies well within reach.  When I woke up with a blood sugar of 281 I wondered if I was getting sick...

On the 26th I went out for a 10 mile run and finished with a blood sugar of 180 even though I had only taken in 1 gel and 2 fuel belt bottles of gatorade.  I felt my infusion site and realized it was a bit sore so I removed it.  Once I removed the canula I was greeted with a lovely 90 degree kink that for whatever reason didn't cause the occlusion alarm to ring!

I should have checked my infusion set far sooner than I did but I figured since the food on the table was so delicious that it must have been bad for you.  Live and learn I guess...

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